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Dumb Ways to Die : The Games is the continuation of the popular Dumb Ways to Die, starring a bunch of nice and colorful characters inclined to die in dumb ways. On this occasion, they are also participating in the Olympic Games.
In Dumb Ways to Die : The Games you'll find more than 20 different fun minigames. In one of them you'll have to keep your balance atop a dolphin using the device's accelerometer, while in another you'll have to touch the screen at the right time in order to jump electrified fences.
As in the first game, in Dumb Ways to Die : The Games you'll not only find short, fun minigames, but also a charming visual style. The characters are very well designed, and the ways they die are quite funny.
Dumb Ways to Die : The Games is an excellent collection of minigames that improves every aspect of the first Dumb Ways to Die, providing more minigames, better animations, and enhanced competition. In short, a very comprehensive title.
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